List of Warlock-inspired games

Not an exhaustive list: Many of these are only known because their developers came to our forums or discord to mingle.

2010Warlocks by Mushy StudiosOGRE/C++Yes? (See notes)NoThis project was not being developed by the original Warlock team, but both were in close communication. It was also one of the more anticipated standalones, having been in development during Warlock's peak (and then setting the bar for standalones to come by dissipating after a couple of months of work.)
2010MageCraft by Aphotic(?) and Starlocks by nanotapkiMods of Starcraft IINoN/ANot standalones.
2011-01-13 (release)Bloodline Champions by Stunlock StudiosXNANoUhOK, this one is not inspired Warlock. The developers have said they never played Warlock prior to starting Bloodline Champions. It did share a lot of the same ideas and concepts as Warlock however and there was some overlap of players.
2011-09-20Warlocks Arena II by randomBCFlash (browser game)NoNoPossibly a sequel to another earlier flash game.
2012-07-27Untitled project by jwahlbergUnityNoNo
2013-02-21Warlock Brawl by Toraxxx and later AdynathosUDKYesNoSucceeded by an UE4 project by Adynathos with the same goals.
2013-06-10Untitled project by Quellquun (Only-Entertainment)N/ANoN/A
2013-07-16Cantrips and Cooldowns by dkramerJBox2DNoN/AMade in a 2D engine
2014-04Spellsworn by Frogsong StudiosUnreal Engine 4NoYesHad a full 1.0 release on Steam.
2014-07-27 (release)Prophets by S2 Games/othersK2 EngineNoN/AWas created as a trailblazer mod for Heroes of Newerth's mod support which was being rolled out at the time. Not a standalone.
2014-12-11Sorcerer by Aphotic (Team Syntax)N/ANoYes
2014-12-12RUiN/Blast Out by Tarhead StudiosUnityNoYesAvailable as early access on Steam.
2015-04-30Untitled project by PapasitoC++NoN/A
2015-05-10Warlock Brawl by AdynathosUnreal Engine 4YesYesCurrent version of the Warlock standalone project by the original developers.
2015-12-12Untitled project by SlenceUnityNoN/A
2017-01-04Warlock by mrdewitt77N/ANoN/A
2017-01-11MageQuit by Bowlcut StudiosUnityNoYesAvailable as early access on Steam.
2017-04-26Corroded by Encircle GamesUnityNoYesAvailable as early access on Steam.
2018-04-01Circle Brawl by xvzanUnityNoYesOpen source (MIT).
2018-07-04Mage War by 강굴Browser gameNoYesMade in the style of .io games.
2018-09-13 (release)Acolyte Fight! by raysplaceinspaceBrowser gameNoYesMade in the style of .io games.
2019-03-20Mages by redka gamesBrowser gameNoYes